(How-to) Build personalized conversational bot using Watson Assistant

Conversational bots are the best medium to offer a personalized user experience, unlike any other digital medium. To improve user experience, bots should make the user’s life easier and make them feel understood.

While personalizing your conversational bot experience, you will have to first consider, what will be of value to the user. Currently, apart from inserting the username into the conversation, bots do very little to personalize a user experience.

Won’t it be great if you could have a conversation like this with a Travel Bot?

Let’s see how we can build it using Watson Assistant. Below video will take you through the steps on how you can build it quickly without having to do any complex computations in the application side.

The information extracted from user utterances are passed from one call to the other by storing it in context variables (that are meant to be persisted). This information can then later be used in conversation responses, conditions or to process values using Spring Expression Language(SpEL) within Watson Assistant tooling itself. Refer Expression Language methods & Expressions for accessing objects to know more about methods you can use in Watson Assistant.

Are you a developer, trying to get started on Watson Assistant? Check out this course-How to Build a Chatbot


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